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  To succeed in the 21st century we must understand and embrace the demographic shifts and socio-economic trends forging the new America.

Latinos have the buying power. It will continue to grow to an expected $926.1 billion in 2007.

America’s melting pot is indelibly spiced with Latin flavor! And as American society continues to evolve, diversity shall remain the key element of our cultural make-up. Therefore, it is imperative that in formulating any marketing and public relations strategy, businesses take into consideration the economic strength and cultural impact of Hispanic Americans, which is, in fact, limitless.

The numbers are astounding. Latinos have made and will continue to make their presence felt in all corners of the United States. This population is expected to double by the year 2020. Latino spending power will continue to grow exponentially. The numbers are the most astonishing in California. Latinos are now close to 50 per cent of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area and within 20 years will be the majority in California.

Oralia Michel Marketing & Public Relations is a leader in the Hispanic community. Our roots and our connections extend throughout the country. We know the market. We understand what works. Simple translation does not work. There are cultural factors that must be understood. We believe Latino communications and marketing includes English as well as Spanish.

Our capabilities in this market extend beyond the United States Hispanic market to include Mexico and the Latin American markets. This experience, knowledge and understanding of this multi-faceted population translates into tremendous reach and growth potential for our clients.